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Eye Care Learning Center

The more you know about eye care, the better you can take care of your vision and your health. Your eyes do so much more than see. They can also give early warning signs of health problems. From routine eye exams and surgical or cosmetic procedures to treating disease, Northland Eye Specialists’ offers the essential eye care and information it takes to keep you and your eyesight healthy for a lifetime.

Uncorrected Vision Issues Misdiagnosed as Learning Disabilities in Children

You don’t wait to start brushing your teeth or cutting your hair until your adult years, so why would you wait to start regular eye care? Studies show that many children are not receiving the proper eye care, resulting in untreated (but correctable) vision impairments, misdiagnosed learning disabilities and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Older Americans Reporting Fewer Vision Problems

As we age, it’s been a general assumption that degrading vision is bound to come with the territory. But new studies prove that, with all the advances in surgical procedures and preventative care, that may not be the case.
Read the rest of this entry »