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Patient Stories

Where Do Doctors Turn When They Need Eye Surgery?

Doctor, heal thyself works in theory, however it’s not realistic. Eye doctors diagnose eye disease and perform eye surgeries on patients everyday. But when it comes to their own vision and eye care, to whom do they turn? Doctors’ careers rely on their ability to see so when they require eye surgery, they only trust the best. When a Kansas City North eye doctor was having trouble with his night vision due to glaucoma, only one eye surgeon would do – Dr. Hembree. The surgery restored his vision beyond expectations and the doctor was able to continue practice and life as usual. “Having your medical colleagues trust you with their eyesight is the highest compliment a surgeon could ever receive,” says Dr. Hembree.

A Six-Year-Old’s Learning and Behavior Disorders Turned Out to be Severe Nearsightedness

An adorable little boy came to Northland Eye Specialists for a routine eye exam. Nothing about his life was routine compared to other kids. The boy’s coordination was lacking. His teachers reported a long list of learning and behavior problems. At home, he was constantly knocking things over and wrecking havoc throughout the house. During the exam, his eye doctor discovered he was severely nearsighted beyond the point of legal blindness. This explained everything. After fitting him with corrective lenses and a sporty pair of frames, he was able to catch up with other kids in his class. One pair of glasses opened a whole new world for this boy and saved him from being wrongly diagnosed with disabilities.

It Took a Village to Save a Homeless Woman’s Eyesight

A homeless woman’s plight was brought to the attention of a Northland church’s congregation. With no resources or insurance she was slowly going blind due to cataracts. The church committed to raising half of the cost of cataract surgery and Dr. Carney was more than happy to donate her surgical skill. We’re thrilled to report the surgery was a success. Dealing with the hardships of being homeless is tough enough, but going blind on top of that? No, we just couldn’t let that happen.