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About Northland Eye

If you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s what Dr. Kathryn Hembree and Dr. Susan Carney decided to do when they left other practices to establish Northland Eye Specialists in 1997. Northland Eye Specialists is where you’ll find the most endearing, capable and skilled ophthalmologists in Kansas City North who take a genuine interest in their patients.

Over the years, the eye doctors at Northland Eye Specialists have created a nurturing environment where patients feel more like family and less like just another appointment. In fact, our doctors often care for four to five generations of a family at one time. From a child’s first eye exam and routine annual visits to treating diseases and age-related conditions, we care for our patients as if they’re our own friends and family.

Yes, we run late occasionally like every doctor’s office. But it’s not because we overbooked or your time isn’t important to us. It’s because a young patient needed extra reassurance. We’re explaining an eye surgery to a worried grandfather or grandmother. Maybe we found signs of disease during a routine eye exam and we’re answering questions. That’s what we do at Northland Eye Specialists – we listen, we talk, we answer questions until you’re comfortable. Sometimes we run a few minutes late, but our patients wouldn’t have it any other way.